Another Fantastic Tracey Bateman Novel!

Macy Twain

5 Stars

August 4, 2012

Six months after her Army husband Jarrod’s death, Corrie takes the plunge and moves to his family home deep in the Missouri Ozark mountains. Corrie is wary of Jarrod’s family- will they accept her, or will there be bitterness at her moving into the family home, instead of relinquishing it to Jarrod’s family?

Jarrod and Corrie had plans for that house. They planned to live there after Jarrod was out; live there; have children, and live happily forever after.

Except her forever looked like being a widow to the man who had saved at least 50 lives in a small Iraqi settlement on the Tigris River. A widow called to the family home by nightly dreams calling her there. A widow who would never again feel the arms of the love of her life; the all-consuming “once-in-a-lifetime love” who had rescued her from her mother.

As Corrie settles into her deceased husband’s childhood home, she continues the renovations she had started as a surprise for him while he was overseas. Corrie’s bitterness and a bottle of brandy overwhelm her, as she tries to face her new reality her first night there. When the rusty swing begins to move without wind- and on request- Corrie can’t help feeling like Jarrod is somehow there with her; that he was the force that pulled her to the house.

Eli, Jarrod’s cousin and the person in charge of the remodel, has other ideas. He remembers how it was in that house, when his grandparents lived there. He remembers how, after his grandpa died, his grandma swore he was still there, keeping her company in the bed at night. He also remembered his own mother, who said she saw and heard his own deceased father in every room; around every corner for months. And now Corrie. When she asks him if he believes in ghosts, he tells he has no evidence from the Bible or reality that supported “the existence of the dearly departed.”

And yet, he knew there was something there. To make matters worse, Aunt Trudy is interested in Corrie. Aunt Trudy is a practicing witch. Her son Ray is unusual, too. Between the two of them, Eli is worried Corrie, in her fragile emotional state, could be drawn into the dark ways, and could unknowingly wind up welcoming the house demon to stay.

I’ve reviewed another title by Tracey Bateman, and I have to say, she is definitely near the top of my favorite author’s list. This book was just too good to put down, and I stayed up late, reading it in one setting. You won’t want to miss this one, to be sure.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.