Finding Out Way Home

Joy Hannabass

4 Stars

July 30, 2012

Finding Our Way Home by Charlene Ann Baumbich

Finding Our Way Home features two unusual characters, Sasha and Evelyn, who are very different. Sasha is a ballet dancer and the man Evelyn is engaged to does not have her parents blessings. So these two characters take us on their journey of finding their way through life.

This book was slow for me at first, then it picked up a bit. Both of these ladies seemed a bit lost, and not sure where they were going next. The author has created two entirely different characters and woven a story of their lives as they take on a journey to find their way, both in a very different way. I read this book thinking it was a Christian book, but I am not so sure about that, even though it is published by a Christian publisher. It just seemed like these ladies were using their own strength to find their way and not depending on God. They were focusing on Grace, but where they really focusing on God? This is just my opinion.

If you like an enjoyable, pleasant book to read, I recommend this book for your enjoyment.

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