Faith as a floatation device

Michele Starkey

5 Stars

July 29, 2012

If life were an ocean, we would all find ourselves at some point wondering what it would take to arrive safely on the shore. Sometimes, faith is the only floatation device you will ever need. Joe Kissack tells the true story of three Mexican fishermen who survive unbelievable odds and are rescued after spending countless months drifting in the Pacific Ocean. Kissack himself was sinking in the depths of the ocean of life and had already lost job and most of his possessions. The one thing that Kissack didn’t lose was his family and his faith in God. The three fishermen and the man who set out on a journey to tell their story all share one common Truth. When everything seems so lost, you can still be found and letting go is the only way to prove that God will hold you up before you sink. The Fourth Fisherman is a testimony of faithfulness to never give up or give in to anything except God.