Shadows On The Sand - A Great "Quick" Summer Read

Keri Lee Sereika

4 Stars

June 17, 2012

Looking to hit the beach or lounge poolside with a great read? Then this book should be added to your "to read" list this summer. I was given a review copy as being part of the Blogging for Books by Water Brook Multnomah Publishers and have to admit, I wondered if this was going to be "run of the mill" romance with predictable characters, plot and ending....NOPE!!

Without giving away too much I can say that I loved how the main character is obviously shaped by her life circumstances, her desire to get out and change what appears to be her "future foretold" is inspiring and the way she works diligently to make that change is awesome.

Laced with sweet yet difficult relationship quandaries, intrigue and surprise twists and turns throughout, Shadows on the Sand by Gayle Roper is a book that will please, surprise and perhaps even challenge thought and actions regarding so many thought provoking questions such as: family relationship, religious authority, life after a cult, learning to trust & love again.... while I say it's a good pool side read, you may find yourself so engrossed you will be reading stove side, bed side, grocery get my point! Enjoy!