Surprised by this book

Ashley Santiago

4.5 Stars

April 10, 2012

When I first received a copy of Kim Meeder's Fierce Beauty, I seriously thought that it would be another book on how to believe you're a beautiful person because you're a believer of Christ. However, I was glad to be mistaken. By the introduction I was already in tears, heavily reflecting if my life was really reflecting Jesus. I was profoundly convicted by the mesmerizing way of poetic & authentic writing.

Meeder compiles short stories of her life that ultimately piece together a beautiful message of surrender, strength, glory & relentless love. I don't mean to sound cliché when I say that God used this book to bring me closer to Him; He really did.

I learned that living for Christ will never be glamorous, painless or easy. Well, I knew the theory but Kim Meeder showed me what the practice & application really looks like. And because of this book, I'm choosing to stand for what matters the most.

"We might lose sight of Jesus, but He never loses sight of us." --Kim Meeder, Fierce Beauty, pg.111