Radical for pastors who didn't read the book....

Neal Cordle

4 Stars

February 16, 2012

In Radical, David Platt struck a chord with many in the family of God who desire to be unleashed for the purpose of God. As a result of Platt's wide internet, podcast and media following, many younger members of church embraced his message before their pastors.

Now, Radical Together is a call for churches to join together, as the body of Christ, and integrate the passion revealed in Radical as the church. To that end, Platt has done a great job. Pastor, read this first and embrace the following six ideas and Unleash the Radicals in your Congregation to live for His Glory!

  1. One of the worst enemies of Christians can be good things in the church
  2. The gospel that saves uf from work saves us to work
  3. The Word does the work
  4. Buidling the right church depends on using all the wrong people
  5. We are living - and longing - for the end of the world
  6. We are selfless followers of a self-centered God