Book Review: When God Created My Toes

Amy Voss

4 Stars

December 12, 2011

When God Created My Toes, by Dandi Daley Mackall, is a sweet, easy-to-read children's book.

"When God created my toes, did He make them wiggle? Did He know I'd giggle? Did He have to hold His nose, When God created my toes?"

When God Created My Toes, allows children to imagine what it was like when God created them. This book goes from the toes all the way to the head, asking silly rhyming questions about what God may have done when creating us. It also has cute, silly illustrations to go along with the story. The illustrator, David Hohn, was just as creative as the author, Dandi Daley Mackall, was.

My kids loved this book. They laughed each time we read it. They want to read it over and over again!