Battlefield Wounds

Elizabeth Towns

Not Reviewed

November 15, 2011

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An incredible work of healing, this is a brief but intense work on matters of the heart. Andrew Stanley just dives right in to our heart situations with great precision enumerates the enemies of our heart: guilt, anger, greed, and jealousy; and the havoc these perpetrators can wreak on personal relationships when they go unchecked.

Haven't you wanted to have a more fruitful relationship with the people you love, or worked better in a professional relationship, or understood how to be a better parent to your children? This is the book for you.

I have had all kinds of Franklin Covey classes, instruction in understanding personality types, being a better me and managing my personality with others for productivity. I recently read When the Hurt Runs Deep by Kay Aurthur, which is also a brilliant read; yet Enemies of the Heart spoke to me in a completely different way that gave me insight into some small hidden spaces God needed to get into and sweep clean.

Stanley is no nonsense in his delivery of this information, this anointed text, that touches the core of the issue at hand - the enemies of our hearts are busy, and we haven't even correctly identified them, let alone gotten dressed for the battle. He approaches it in a conversational tone that makes you feel like you are just having coffee with a good friend, and a really great conversation too. One that you both will walk away from changed.

I highly recommend Enemies of the Heart to anyone who wants to improve their interpersonal relationships, understand what the battle is about, or just live and love in a better way.