Forever Faithful

Melissa Miracle

4 Stars

October 17, 2011

I am so excited to share this book series with you. It is called Forever Faithful. It is written by Karen Kingsbury. This is a good series and what I would call chick lit. I have to tell you Karen is a fabulous story teller and this series did not disappoint. This book is a trilogy. In all the books you will find Bible verses. I love this because it brings attention to some verses and their meaning in life. I must say while reading this makes sure you have time and full box of Kleenex. Karen really stirs your heart with her characters. They are all so real. 1. Waiting For Morning- In this is the story you meet Hannah Ryan. She is a happy wife and proud mother of two teenage girls. Her life is changed when a drunk driver kills her husband and oldest daughter (I warned you to have Kleenex.).You see her anger, and sadness as she adapts to her new normal. This story takes you through the stages of Hannah’s grief. It takes you to a place of a rawness that you might think she will never get over. It is so raw that she even sort of forgets to live and notice her surviving daughter. It make you wonder could you forgive. This story had moments that I had a hard time with because it dragged for me. This was during all her legal actions. In the end Hannah has to decide to forgive or not to forgive. I loved that Karen Kingsbury used verses from Lamentations. This is a book in the Bible that I rarely go to. I loved that she inspired me to go. This story is not all sadness there is a little bit on the romance side of life.

  1. A Moment of Weakness- In this story we meet Jade Conner and Tanner Eastman. They lived in the same neighborhood and were friends. Then the unthinkable and their friendship comes to an end. Tanner is from a family who raised him in church and Jade has not been raised this way. Jade does find God. God actually brings Jade and Tanner back together and all is good until one bad decision happens that forces the two apart to leave a dream differed. God steps in again when Tanner is the only person that can help with Jade custody issues. I did not find this story has heavy as the first however I did see some of the same lessons. The main one was Forgiveness. The thing that really bothered me was that Christian people ( Tanner’s mother’s group) were in a church gossiping and judging another woman (Jade’s Mom). It really bothered me ,it is so against what God wants but it is reality. I think Karen writes her characters well. In this story Karen Kingsbury must have been inspired buy Jeremiah. She also points out to think before you do something it. You never know just how it can affect you years later.

  2. Halfway to Forever- All three books were great! This one is my favorite though. It brings back the characters from the previous books. I think it is the happiest book of the three. There are babies and lives going one for the better. Yet like in the real world everything is not always rosy. What I like that Karen wrote about is that God’s Love and Grace is constant. It came across in this story.

I really like this trilogy. The only draw back I found and I am letting you know because this is an honest review is the size of the book. It is over 1000 page with all three books, I found myself reading another book in between because I could not fit it in my purse. I am sure it is more economical to buy the trilogy this way ,but I think I would rather a have each book individual so I can take it easily on the road with me to grab time to read as it allows. In all I give this book a combined four stars. It is my opinion that Karen Kingbury rocks as an author. If you have not read her please do you will not regret it. I must let you know that I received this book as a complimentary copy for my review from Water Brook Multnomah Publishing Group. The opinions in the review are mine.