Not What I Was Hoping For

Ethan Long

2 Stars

August 4, 2011

Dragonspell follows Kale, an ex-slave on her way to the famous Hall. But before she can get to the city, a group of warriors gather her for a mission. Her special power she has just discovered concerning dragons is needed for a greater cause.

I absolutely hate giving negative critiques to people's work. Mostly because I would hope other people would be gentle with my own work, and not blast it all to pieces. In that same breath, there are just some stories out there that I can't love. I understand that every story is not made for everyone.

When it came to Dragonspell, I STRUGGLED to get into it. I would put it down, and push myself to pick it back up. The story seemed to never go anywhere. The characters were fairly predictable and un-relatable. For a book that has done so well to be followed by three sequels, I am wondering why it was so difficult to enjoy.

I don't want to give a bad review, but I would look elsewhere for a good fantasy.