Out of a Far Country by Christopher and Angela Yuan

Sunoko Lin

5 Stars

July 28, 2011

Is there hope for a lost person? The stories of redemption that Christopher and his Mother, Angela experienced will give us hope that there is no person that the grace of God cannot reach. Out of a Far Country is a story of hope. Even in the most difficult situation, God’s grace still shines. Many of us would view conflict as tragedy. Due to a personal life choice, Christopher had to make a life decision that is so hurtful to her mother that their relationship is broken. What they consider as a lost relationship turns out to the greatest blessing in their life. Through their brokenness, they found God.

Be ready to be inspired. Christopher and Angela’s stories describe the amazing grace of God vividly. For his terrible choice, Christopher suffered severe consequences. He lost his dream vocation, and he lost his health. Not knowing how to cope with her son’s rebellion, Angela almost ended her life. However, there is no life that is so broken that God cannot restore, and there is no wound that is so deep that God cannot heal. God restores Christopher’s broken life and Angela’s wounded heart. Their lives have become the testimony of God’s redeeming grace.

Christopher and Angela have opened their lives for us to read. They even reveal in their stories some events that may be too painful or shameful for others to tell. I applauded their courage. For their openness, readers can be immersed in this captivating story of God’s transforming grace. I will rate Out of a Far Country five stars. Christopher and Angela have shown us that God is actively searching and reaching out to those who are lost.