When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner

cathy booton

5 Stars

January 7, 2018

When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner is a wonderful children's book for any child who is a little bit different from all the rest of the children---oh yeah that is every child.  Every child created by God is unique and this book tells that story.  It tells the story of  that great love God had for each child as He created them.  It tells of the joy that God has when He created this special child.  This little book tells the child just how important they are in the world and how there never has been a child like them nor will there ever be another child just like them.  The book tells the story of how God knew them before they were born and was an important part of God's story in the world.  This book tells how God gave them special talents so that they could do important work in the world that only they could do in that special way. 


I love the way that this story tells the child how important that they are and how important they are to God.  It tells the story that they each are different and that is part of their specialness.  It would be a great baby shower gift as well as any birthday gift.  It is wonderfully illustrated.  It tells of how God thought about it before He made this great creation of this child.  It will teach the child to look for their specialness and use it in a way that will improve the world around them.  I would never hesitate to buy this book for a child so that they would be aware of just how important they were to God and the world as well as their family.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.