Be the Hands and Feet

Jamie Holloway

5 Stars

Vujicic has an inspirational, encouraging, and adventurous testimony on the power of God. With his disability, he has found joy, a…

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Jesus didn't tell us to build the biggest churches we could build. He told us to serve his children

Chris Lawson

5 Stars

More than anything else, BE THE HANDS AND FEET is a book of ENCOURAGEMENT. The author, Nick Vujicic, believes in…

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Be The Hands and Feet Book Review

Raquel Rodriguez

4.5 Stars

In this book, Vujicic talks about his disability,…

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Nice play on words

Ryan Bartlett

2 Stars

I was really excited for this book. I have read several other books, by this author, and watched some of his speaking engagements. He always…

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with out hands or feet

sandra B

4 Stars

An awe inspiring book by Nock…

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