Blogging for Books is closing, please read our FAQ about the process for more information   Read More

Q: Wait a minute, Blogging for Books is closing?

A: After an incredible 10-year run, we’ll be closing down Blogging for Books this spring. The last day to request a book is 3/15 and the last day to post your final review is 4/15. After 4/16, you will no longer be able to log on to your account.


Q: Why are you closing?

A: While Blogging for Books has grown in scope beyond anything we could have imagined when we launched, in that time the online book landscape has also changed in ways we never expected. With more and more ways for readers to discover and review new books appearing every day, our publicity teams are focused on alternate methods of relationship building with our readers. See below for information about some of the other programs where you can find great book recommendations and books to review in the future!


Q: What will happen to my old reviews?

A: One benefit of the Blogging for Books model is that you will not lose any review data as your reviews will continue to live on your personal blogs! On our end, we reserve the rights to use your reviews for our marketing purposes as described in our terms of service. You can refer to our full Terms of Use here.


Q: Where else can I find books to blog about? 

A: Although B4B will be no more, if you still want to hear from us you can sign up to receive book and author news from Read It Forward straight to your inbox! You can also visit our sister site, First to Read, for the opportunity to read incredible new and upcoming titles. ¿Te encanta leer y te gustaría recomendar libros en español? Edición Anticipada es una comunidad donde los lectores apasionados, que disfrutan compartiendo sus lecturas, pueden recibir ejemplares gratuitos de los mejores adelantos editoriales.


Q: What if I still want to request specific titles for review? 

A: You can reach out to our publicists directly at They’ll be able to direct your request to the right person. You can also check out our current titles on Netgalley.


Q: I have a lot more questions, where can I get answers?

A: Through Monday, April 30th you can reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to answer any and all questions you have.