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Q: Does my Facebook, Goodreads, or Twitter page count as a blog?
A: Unfortunately, no. We require that you have an active blog to participate. Sites like Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, or other aggregate review sites are great ways to share your thoughts on books, but they're not the same as a blog. That said, if you are a retailer, librarian, or professional media outlet, you qualify for partner status and do not need to have a blog to participate.

Q: Are eBooks available for review?
Yes. eBooks are available through the Blogging for Books program. You will need to have an Edelweiss account set up in order to download eBooks. The Blogging for Books program works seamlessly with Edelweiss to deliver your eBooks. Requests are made through the Blogging for Books program.

Q: I received the wrong book or my book did not arrive – what do I do?
A: Email us so we can sort it out. We're here to help!

Q: Does my eBook stay on my device forever?
A: Yes. You keep the eBook forever.

Q: I live outside the USA. Can I still participate?
A: Yes. If you live outside the U.S., you can sign up. You will be able to choose to read and review eBooks as we do not ship printed copies outside the United States.

Q: I don't have an eBook Reader, can I still read eBooks?
A: Yes. You can download Adobe Digital Editions to read eBooks on your Mac or PC. There are also other options for reading on a mobile device using apps like the Bluefire app.

Q: I'm having trouble getting the eBook on my Kindle via Edelweiss.
A: Please add "" (no quotes) to your approved senders list under your "Manage Your Kindle" section on at and then follow these instructions:

  • Click on the "Settings" tab on the right side of your screen
  • Go to the "Approved Personal Document E-mail List" section towards the bottom of the page
  • Click on "Add a new approved e-mail address"
  • Add “@abovethetreeline” (no quotes) and click on “add address.”
  • Once you’ve done this, go back to the email you received from Edelweiss and go through the process again to download the eBook
  • Please allow Amazon 10-15 minutes to transfer the file to your computer or Kindle.
  • Be sure to have your wireless turned on to download the file

Still having trouble, check out the help section on Edelweiss' website.

Q: I'm having issues loading the eBook to my Nook, Sony eReader, iPad, iPhone, mobile phone or other eReading device. Help!
A: For help downloading to a Nook - click here. For help downloading to a Kobo or other device, click here. For help downloading to an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, click here.

Also, for those of you on an iPad, here is a tip from one of our Blogging for Books members:

I use an iPad with Bluefire app to read epub format books. I can't download directly from my iPad, nothing happens. But, I do have a dropbox account on my computer. If I download to the pc, I can dropbox it. I open Bluefire, click the down arrow to activate dropbox, and poof! the book is loaded.

Q: What Is Klout?
A: is a website that allows you to track your social media influence. Blogging for Books has connected with Klout via an API that, when set up by the blogger, allows Blogging for Books to know what your Klout score is. Klout measures your influence in terms of a number between 1 and 100. This allows us to push special offers, more print books, and more overall book choices to bloggers that have a higher Klout score. To make a long story short, the higher your Klout score, the more offers you'll get from Blogging for Books and the better your book selection will be. We recognize this isn't the perfect system, and we're open to any suggestions you may have here.

For more information on Klout, please go here. To connect Klout to Blogging for Books, follow these steps:

  • Log on to your Blogging for Books account
  • Click on "My Account"
  • Enter your Twitter handle in the Twitter box (you need a Twitter handle to connect to Klout…even if you don’t “Tweet”), and then click "Yes - Connect to Klout"
  • Please make sure there are no spaces, hashtags or @ symbols in your Twitter name as this can cause the connection to Klout to fail
  • Click "save and continue" to update your information
  • Please allow up to 72 hours for your Klout connection to take effect

Q: My Klout Score Is Wrong in Blogging for Books, help!
A: If your Klout score is lower than it should be in Blogging for Books there are two things to try. First, make sure that your Tweets are not protected. If your Tweets are protected, you'll need to unprotect them in order for your score to match up (it's a Klout thing). Once you've unprotected your Tweets, log into Blogging for Books, click on "My Account" in the top right corner, go down to the section on Klout, make sure your Twitter handle is entered (with no spaces, hashtag (#) or @ symbol in the name) and that you've selected "Yes - Connect to Klout" - then go to the bottom of the page and click submit. This will take you to a confirmation page. From here, click on "My Account" again to see what your score is. If you continue to have problems with your Klout score, please contact us at and we'll help you out.

Q: I'd like to subscribe (or unsubscribe) from the weekly blogger email that tells me which books are available
A: To subscribe, log in to Blogging for Books and then click on "My Account" in the top right corner. Click on the "Basic Information" page and then check (or uncheck) the box that says, "Opt-in to receive weekly blogger emails" - when checked, the system will send you an email each Tuesday with a list of the books available to choose from and coming soon.

Q: Are you phasing out printed review copies?
A: No. Print books will continue to be available. That said, they go fast, so if you really want a print book, we suggest you connect your account to Klout. The higher your Klout score, the more selection of print books you’ll have to choose from. The print selection for retailers, professional media, librarians, and church/ministry leaders should always be fairly robust. If you're a retailer, professional media, librarian, or church/ministry leader and you're having a hard time finding a print book, please email us the print title you're trying to select and we can help.

Q: Do I have to pay to participate?
A: Absolutely not. We send you complimentary review copies in exchange for an honest and thoughtful review on your blog or website and on We even cover the shipping!

Q: What is your fair use policy in regards to how much of a book we can quote on our blog or website?
A: You can quote up to 500 words of the book in the context of a book review without need for permission from The Crown Publishing Group. When we say 500 words we mean 500 words total...if you were to post 250 words in one quote and then 500 words in another quote in the same review you would be quoting in excess of the limitation we have asked you to observe. violating our fair use policy. That said, you are allowed to post the first chapter excerpt in PDF format as provided by The Crown Publishing group in the form of a link directing people to download the first chapter or by embedding the first chapter using "embed" feature from The Crown Publishing Group’s Scribd page at

Q: Is there a minimum amount of traffic required on my blog in order to participate?
A: No.

Q: How do I change my account preferences or contact information?
A: If you want to change your account preferences you can do so by logging in to and clicking on “My Account” in the top right corner.

Q: How do you choose which books to give and to whom?
A: We make books available for review based on the preferences you set when you signed up for the program. We mostly make new or upcoming releases available for review but we also add back list titles from time to time. We try our best to pair books with bloggers based on their interests. If you find that the selection is not to your satisfaction, please email us...we're always looking to improve the program and ensure your book selection is as robust as possible.

Q: How can I become a Blogging for Books "Partner"?
A: If you are a retailer, professional media outlet, librarian, church or ministry leader, you’ll automatically be signed up to be a member of our Blogging for Books Partner program. As a Blogging for Books Partner you are not required to post a review on a blog or website. We do ask for you to share your thoughts with us about each book you request on (because we'd love to know what you thought of the book!). To receive “partner” status, please make sure to let us know that you’re a retailer, librarian, or professional media outlet on step 3 of the Blogging for Books registration form under the "My Account" section (you'll need to be logged in to access this area). If you are a church or ministry leader, you can update your info under step 5.

Q: Where can I get a banner ad to promote the Blogging for Books program or tell the world that “I blog for books”?
A: You can download one of several banner ads on our promo materials page

Q: Can I sign up for more than one review copy at a time?
A: No. You can only request one book for review at a time.

Q: What is the 5-Day Waiting Period?
A: The 5-day waiting period starts from the day your book is shipped from our warehouse. If your book shipped on a Monday, you would not be able to post your review until Friday (and thus request your next review copy).

Q: What are the minimum requirements for a blog review?
A: We try to be as flexible as possible in our review requirements. We would hope your review would be around three paragraphs long. It should be original and thoughtful.

Q: Am I required to post a review on a retailer website?
A: No. You are only required to post a review on your blog and on

Q: Can I paticipate if I have a private blog?
A: Unfortunately, no. You'll need to have a public blog in order to join Blogging for Books.

Q: What if my review is negative? Should I still post it?
A: Yes, we only ask for an honest review. We realize that you may not enjoy or agree with some books or may not finish a book. You're not required to post a positive review. That said, we hope you'll share with us in your review some of the specifics as to why you didn't like the helps us evaluate our books and discuss how editorial improvements can be made.

Q: Why do I need to post a disclaimer that I received the book for free in exchange for a review?
A: As of December 1, 2009, new FTC Guidelines state that bloggers receiving any kind of compensation should disclose that information on their blog when positing a review of the product. As you are responsible for complying with the FTC Guidelines, we recommend that you review them here and here.

Q: What is the FTC disclaimer copy I should use on my site?
A: To comply with new regulations introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, please mention as part of every review that Blogging for Books has provided you with a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes. For example, “I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.”

Q: Does it matter when I post my review?
A: Please post your review at any time within 90 days after you receive your book. If you read the book before the book’s on-sale date, feel free to post your review before the book goes on sale.

Q: What if I can’t remember my username or password?
A: You can request a new password by going here

Q: I’m under the age of 13? Can I participate in the Blogging for Books program?
A: No. At this time you must be at least 13 years-old to participate in the program.

Q: What are your terms of use?
A: Click here to view the Blogging for Books terms of use and click here to view the Blogging for Books Privacy Policy

Q: Can I Have Multiple Accounts? One account for each blog I have?
A: No.

Q: What should I do if I haven’t received my book within the 10-14 business day time frame?
A: First, log in to your account and make sure your address is correct. Second, check to see if anyone else signed for your book or picked it up and forgot to tell you (UPS usually delivers to the front door). If neither of these explain the delay, email us and include your name and the book you requested so we can check on your shipment.

Q: Do I have to post my review in English?
A: No.

Q: Is the Blogging for Books program a Christian program?
A: The Blogging for Books program was launched through WaterBrook Multnomah Publishers in 2009. WaterBrook Multnomah is the Christian imprint of The Crown Publishing Group and Penguin Random House. In the Summer of 2014 the Blogging for Books program expanded to include all of the Crown Publishing Group titles and dozens of new book categories. While the Blogging for Books program did start with our Christian imprint, and does have roots with the WaterBrook Multnomah imprint, the program now includes books of all types and interests.

Q: Do you ship print books to Puerto Rico (PR)?
A: Even though Puerto Rico is, in some ways, like a US territory, the shipping via UPS is still very expensive and thus we do not ship print books to PR. Those in the PR (and anyone outside the US) can still participate and request eBooks.