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Touching and soul stirring story.

Shirl Parsons

4.5 Stars

I was anxious to get this one. I love true stories about people who have lived through hard times and lived to tell about it. The last girl wont let you down. It takes you deep inside the world of things we dont understand or maybe have…

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Sublime book

Evan Windham

4.5 Stars

Born and raised in Kocho, Iraq, Murad grew up hearing about the many genocides her people faced throughout history, but she…

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Story to Read

Tamela Dupree

4 Stars

I did not finish this memoir just yet. But this is heartbreaking, eye-opening testimony at the true horrors that other countries are plagued with. Nadia was such a strong YOUNG woman. I can not phantom living through any of…

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Last Girl

Samantha Sali

3.5 Stars

It was interesting to read this book - it's not the normal genre I read but I thought it was interesting and the Foreward by Amal drew me in as well. While I'm not into the subject, I found the book to be a great insight to a whole new…

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Shocking, Heartbreaking, Necessary

Jenny Lee

5 Stars

This was a tough read, not because it's badly written, or boring. It's ripe fill of raw emotion, hard truths, and things that people don't want to think about. This was eye opening, heart breaking and parts of me were shifted so far I…

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