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Tamela Dupree

4 Stars

I did not finish this memoir just yet. But this is heartbreaking, eye-opening testimony at the true horrors that other countries are plagued with. Nadia was such a strong YOUNG woman. I can not phantom living through any of…

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Count It True Joy Brothers and Sisters

Sarah Northington

5 Stars

I am a cradle Catholic who has worked for the largest evangelical nonprofit in the world, and had to explain my faith to my coworkers often. It was so…

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Between the Dark and the Daylight

Kayla Bell

4.5 Stars

I will read anything by Joan Chittister. She is a Benedictine nun and a shining light in this world with her practical spirituality approach.  Between the Dark and the Daylight urges us to look below the surface area and dig deeper into…

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review of Women in Science

Renee Emerson

4 Stars

I obviously chose to review this book (from Blogging for Books) for the awesome illustrations!  But overall, I found the girls enjoyed it. It is a collection of biographies on women in science (I think I'll write a mini-collection of…

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Deep Dive into The Four Tendencies

Sherri Lynn Puzey

4 Stars

This is Gretchen Rubin's newest book, and since I'm a big fan of her work, I naturally had to read this one.…

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