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The Joy of the Gospel

Alana Mitrovich

.5 Stars

I was so excited to get the chance to review the book The Joy of the Gospel by Pope Francis.  I find our Pope to be so in touch…

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A Charm of Goldfinches

Molly Miller

5 Stars

This is a charming book, with gorgeous illustrations, and interesting little facts about what groups of animals are called! I love the simplicity; this would make a wonderful gift, a beautiful 'coffee table book', and it is, simply, a lovely…

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A review of What We See In The Stars

Ariana Nelson

5 Stars

At first glance, What we See In The Stars might appear to be a children’s book. You know, one of those informative picture books that waters down facts to spoonful goo that barely explains anything. I had my reservations…

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Rich illustrations. Rich text.

Heidi Gardner

5 Stars

I'd been waiting for a book that would hold my interest on a subject I was remiss in studying as a young person. And though I hear you should never judge a book by the cover, I am highly swayed by the visual aspect, especially when I…

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Inkblot Tests

mandy elizabeth

4.5 Stars

I wrote an essay in college on the influence on Rorschack inkblots on a book we had read, and this book really brought a new level of depth to what I had previously understood. I wish I could go back and rewrite that essay -- because this…

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