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Algorithmes = Important

diane welch

5 Stars

This is an piece of work as the author peels back the layers to reveal the algorithms that are at work behind the scenes, influencing most human institutions, and all too often targeting and  marginalizing people for further…

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On Edge Book Review

Alice Zhou

4.5 Stars

I was very excited to receive On Edge in the mail and was looking forward to reading this book. I have many close friends who deal with social anxiety, and I work as an EMT, so I also see patients with anxiety who may be having acute anxiety…

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A book every space lover needs.

Jessica Gwinup

3.5 Stars

This book really did take me forever to read and that is because I think space is just NOT my thing. However, I did really like what I read, but not enough to want to re-read it. I also think that this book is a must need for every space…

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What Should I Do with My Life?

Sophia Kang

5 Stars

It was good to revisit this book in the latest version.  Given that the topic itself can be overwhelming, Mr. Bolles does a great job in breaking things down chapter by chapter with the right kind of questions and exercises, even…

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