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How to Think

Katie Gant

4 Stars

How to Think by Alan Jacobs is a book that I enjoyed, even though anyone who saw me reading it questioned why I need a book on how to think. Or they asked…

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Bowie From A Different Perspective

Noah Kropp

5 Stars

This book offers a unique perspective on David Bowie and his life, collecting quotes from people who knew him, artists, musicians, among others. It is worth your time if you have any interest in Bowie, music history, or pop culture. It’s a…

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This Is Not A Self Help Book

Dennise DeJesus

2.5 Stars

I ordered this book mistakenly assuming it to be a zen-focused book on improving life. Unfortunately, I was wrong in this matter. In…

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Hannah Caroline

5 Stars

What a sad day. Blogging for Books, the main reason I…

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An Intimate Look at the Artist

Jeannie Bushnell

5 Stars

This intimate read is one that doesn't require a knowledge of Wallace, for it is a peek into the human mind and heart that can be about anyone. The reader is allowed to ride along in the conversation between Lipsky and Wallace as the…

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