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It tried to be interesting, but wound up outdated and irritating!!!

Carol Keen

2.5 Stars

This book feels about 25 years outdated. While I have been enjoying the story about Jillian and her…

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Unstoppable, yes, but not necessarily relatable

Matti Francis

3 Stars

This is a highly motivational person. He's amazing and I would not for a second take away from that.I did not find this book to be riveting.  I wanted more than surface information. I could google and find out much of this…

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The Build

Sefina Hawke

4.5 Stars

I liked how this book to me behind the scenes of the TV show American Chopper even though I have only watched a couple episodes of the TV series I still found the book to be an interesting read. I fanything It has made me more…

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the build

Andrew Marbl

4 Stars

This is a great book if you are an American Chopper fan. It takes you behind the scenes of the show with a great viewpoint from Paul Jr. He shares how his faith helped him pursue through and live his life to the fullest. Paul Jr.…

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