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Think more great reference guide than page-turner

Rick Killian

3.5 Stars

Don't be afraid to skim this book. Not every section will be applicable, but those that are make it worth the read. The best thing about this book is it will get you thinking even if you disagree with what…

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Book Review: Color Index XL by Jim Krause

Elisha Dorfsmith

4.5 Stars

With a larger size and expanded format, Jim Krause has released his newest Color Index reference for artists and designers and anyone else who works with color. If you fit any of the above, you will need a copy of this on your…

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Blogging for books: Color Index SL, by Jim Krause

Wendy Gordon

2.5 Stars

I am an avid knitter and crocheter and my favorite aspect of the process is working with color and texture.  I thought this book might be helpful in devising color schemes for my projects.It wasn't.Highly technical, I…

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