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College Rules RULES! Well, for the most part...

Jon Becker

4.5 Stars

As a college instructor, I identify closely with the two authors--both college professors who had less than stellar beginnings to their college careers. I too was a freshman failure until I got my act together. And I have to say…

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College Rules !!!!

Kristen Linares

5 Stars

i received this book and just finished it. It was a great tool to read if you are in college. It has many helpful tips, ideas and ways to be successful in college. I am passing this book on to my daughter and I hope she gets as much from it…

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Better and Faster

Hannah Williams

3.5 Stars

This was a very interesting book. It was quite difficult to conceptualise but once the key ideas were understood it was revealing good nuggets of wisdom. Also as I really like self-help books it was something worth reflecting…

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Book Review: College Rules!

Nathan Albright

4 Stars

[Note:  This book was provided free of charge by Blogging For…

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Great Resource

Shondra Walker

5 Stars

What a great resource for my high school English students! I know that this will remain a staple in my classroom library for years to come and fully expect students to refer to this as a resource when applying for and choosing a college.…

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