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SECRET Revealed

Sara Strand

3 Stars

I will agree, the erotic scenes in the book are amazing, and on par with the other two. I can't say they are lacking at all. I think what gets to me the most is Will being all judgmental and pretty freaking rude, and Cassie…

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Cuff, Tied, and Not Quite Satisfied?

Tqwana Brown

2.5 Stars

I chose this book sort of as a joke, and I really loved the cover image. But, if I want to learn the ins and outs of the BDSM lifestyle, I want to learn it from someone who has had more than a couple months experience. I respect Jaiya for…

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The Book of Esther - Emily Barton

Kjell Hansen

3 Stars

In a society where men and women have well defined roles it is hard to break away from expectation. The Book of Esther does well to delve into the idea that gender and age are no limitation, with a sprinkle of steampunk and fantasy added…

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O and Dee

Emily Congdon

4.5 Stars

A quick, yet hard-hitting read, Tracy Chevalier tackles Othello in an accessible and fast-paced retelling. Without losing any of the drama, tragedy, or heartbreak, Chevalier places Othello into a 1970's suburban playground. This little novel…

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Candace Robinson

5 Stars

I absolutely loved this! The picture were so gorgeous and colorful. The story in itself was absolutely perfect, and I let me daughter also read it. She loved it as well! I’d live to read more from this author, especially if the pictures and…

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