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Amazing book for young learners

Juan Benito

5 Stars

I picked up a copy of this book for my 15 year old son who is an aspiring artist. He is great at drawing but has always had a difficult time with order and method. This book has helped him expand his art skills and he really enjoyed…

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write right.

sarah squires

3 Stars

writing about writing is probably every writer's favorite topic. i am always eager to read how other writers do it, as a means of procrastinating my own writing i guess, but i also feel hesitant, maybe that i won't be able to relate or that…

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Changed my Life!

Sita Suchocka-Mohr

5 Stars

This is an amazing little book that almost everyone should read. It completely changed my attitude not only towards cleaning and decluttering, but towards my home and shopping.The Marie Kondo method means decluttering based on the…

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