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Beautiful Words

JD DeHart

5 Stars

You Are the Beloved collects beautiful words from many of Henri Nouwen's writing.  This book is set up as a daily devotional and, though I am only using a review copy, I will return to its pages many times in years to come.  I…

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Seven Spoons

Andrea Smith

4.5 Stars

Gorgeous writing and photography! I have had this book on my shelf for over a year, getting it out from time to time just to peruse the pages. Finally I got serious about cooking from it. I've had no problems finding any number of items that…

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Literate Getaways - My January Reads

Traci Rhoades

5 Stars

I didn't know a parenting book could be so funny. You'll learn about Jewish history, modern-day Jewish practices and about ways Jewish mothers encourage their…

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Making Me Hungry for Travel Adventures!

Heather Shugarman

4 Stars

I'm a fan of Kristin Newman's television work, and really enjoyed this book.  The chapter break down makes it a quick read, full of life lessons learned through comedic real-life situations.  It's one of those books that…

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