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Review of Doodletopia

Holly Clarke

3 Stars

The "comedy" is a little over-the-top, but in a fun way. The directions are pretty straightforward and helpful, but it will still take practice to improve your drawing.  A helpful and fun book that strives to keep things light and…

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Share a Book with Your Bff

Chelle Snell

4.5 Stars

Besties brought back my own memories of high school and college. Downtime hanging out with my own bestie, being her relationship counselor, tutor or sometimes confidant. Everything from inside jokes, to that one guy you had a crush on in the…

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The Food (and Culture) of Appalachia

Walt Bristow

4 Stars

If you've never been to the Appalachians, if you've never tasted the food of the mountains, never sat on the front porch of a home in any of the many small towns or never made friends with the people who make up the good folks who call these…

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