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Book Review: "How Healing Works"

Janet Reeves

3 Stars

I'm sorry to say I was disappointed in this book. The author, Wayne Jonas, MD, promises "a revolutionary approach to…

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The Healing Self

mandy elizabeth

5 Stars

I am really excited to learn about the healing self, and the ways that the body can heal. Healing is a great interest to me, but I am so sad that blogging for books is closing! This will be the last book I can review. I love book blogging,…

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Book Review- Better Than Before, Gretchen Rubin

Dami Dokunmu

4 Stars

This books takes us through a journey that would be very familiar to most people- forming habits. She delves into research, anecdotes and explanations about why…

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Slimming down

Cheryl Adkisson

3 Stars

I don't know about you but what used to be a once slim abdominal area just isn't anymore.  My calorie intake has changed little and my activity level is similar to what it was 20 years ago but I just can't seem to shake the extra bit…

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