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doodletopia CARTOONS

Jeffrey Haiduke

5 Stars

Drawing has always been a passion of mine.  I recently came across the book, doodletopia CARTOONS by Christopher Hart.  It is a book on how to draw, design, and color your own super-fun cartoon creations.  I have three kids…

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Making Me Hungry for Travel Adventures!

Heather Shugarman

4 Stars

I'm a fan of Kristin Newman's television work, and really enjoyed this book.  The chapter break down makes it a quick read, full of life lessons learned through comedic real-life situations.  It's one of those books that…

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Lesley Manrique

4.5 Stars

I must say this book was amazing. It was a fast and easy read (it took me less that 1 hour). After finishing the book my sister found it on my bed and decide to read it at well. She thought it was a very simple and beautiful book. She decide…

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The Illustrated Book of Sayings

Wendi Hansen

5 Stars

Loved, loved, LOVED The Little Book of Sayings!! I'm a word nerd and linguist by nature, so naturally I was drawn right away to the origins of particular sayings we've all known and grown to use (as well as some that were completely new to…

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The Illustrated book of sayings

Tina Gardner

5 Stars

LOVE this book it was an joy to read. I also share this book with my family and friends whom all admire it as well. We have created a guessing game out of it and try to memorize it as we go along. I will always remember this book and feel…

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