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God Gave us Fmaily

Jinnae Blaker

4.5 Stars

This is such a great children's book. I love the beautiful illustration and the colors used in this book. The story has been a joy to read to my nephew who is 2 and loves animals. I think that book would also be great for a family who has…

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Life After

Lauren Burrow

5 Stars

A heartwarming and moving story that was absolutely great.  Would totally recommend to a friend. The character were well-developed and carried so much emotion.  I was blown away and it was probably one of my most favorite of…

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Daily Devotionals

Charlene Phillips

4.5 Stars

Need to feel encouraged each day? Feel closer to God? This collection of daily devotionals will help. Straightforward and easy to read gives you firm assurance God lives you. I recommend for all your spiritual needs.I was given a…

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