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God Gave Us Family

Amanda Turner

5 Stars

Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) in exchange for my review. All opinions…

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Perfect mix


4 Stars

I really liked this book about a young pup and his parents traveling to a family reunion.   along the way they meet and talk about different types of families and how God has brought all of them together.  A perfect mix of…

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Thief of Glory

Corinne Rodrigues

4.5 Stars

I love WWII fiction and was looking forward to reading to this book, and read it straight through, but have taken a long while to review it.The novel is written from Jeremiah, the main character's point of…

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You Are The Beloved

Ellie Adams

4.5 Stars

You Are The Beloved is a book of daily meditations…

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Daily Devotionals

Charlene Phillips

4.5 Stars

Need to feel encouraged each day? Feel closer to God? This collection of daily devotionals will help. Straightforward and easy to read gives you firm assurance God lives you. I recommend for all your spiritual needs.I was given a…

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