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What an encouragement of God's loving hand

Bernie Kawazoe

5 Stars

I first heard of Katie when I read her challenging book, Kisses from Katie, several years ago.  At…

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A Stranger at my door

Mark Carpender

3.5 Stars

A stranger at my for by Jonathan Wilson-Hargrove was one of the most personally challenging books I've ever read. It's the story of a man who felt called by God to open his front door to the least, the lost and the lonely and in turn…

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Churched by Matthew Paul Turner

Hallie Szott

5 Stars

Churched by Matthew Paul Turner is an entertaining and amusing memoir about his experiences growing up in the culture of a fundamental Baptist church. While it is not as much of a “journey” as I expected, given the title, it…

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The Chamberlin Key

Sarah Jurkowski

2 Stars

I have to say I was not the biggest fan of this book after I read it. As someone who grew up with religious parent's, I was intrigued by Smith and his discoveries. What grabbed me was the fact that the message he found in the Bible was…

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Not too biblical

Ann Sanger

2.5 Stars

When I chose this book to review I was so excited to learn historical data. What a disappointment! From the first incident with his family and friends camping in the heights of the Canadian Rockies and planning to winter there where…

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