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Know Who You Are. Live Like It Matters|Book Review

Kristin Lail

5 Stars

Why would a woman who hates sports take this book for her children? Because, whether you hate or love football—Tim Tebow stands for something and I admire that. I felt that…

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Shyanne Shilson

3.5 Stars

Upon receiving this book, I was slightly skeptical. The description looked well, not great but well. I read some other great reviews about it so I decided to give it a shot. I'm glad I did. I liked this book very, very much. It was an…

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Fantastic Book!

lisa baumgartner

5 Stars

When God Made You is one of the best children's books I've read in a very long time!  I've read this to my daughter over and over again.  It is now her favorite book and my new favorite book to read to her.  I've already…

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