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Thief of Glory

Corinne Rodrigues

4.5 Stars

I love WWII fiction and was looking forward to reading to this book, and read it straight through, but have taken a long while to review it.The novel is written from Jeremiah, the main character's point of…

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Third times a charm

Craig Friedel

4 Stars

Will this quest lead the Orphan King to an ancient secret or to total destruction?  The Orphan King disguised as a beggar escapes Magnus after fifteen men that refer to themselves as the Priest of the Holy Grail take control of the…

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Isaiah's Daughter

Martha Artyomenko

4 Stars

I have always come to expect Mesu Andrews to challenge me when I read her books. I will not have to search for the biblical story, but I will instead sometimes find myself wondering how someone can take a biblical story and make it so…

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C.S. Lewis updated for a modern American audience

Sheila Deeth

3 Stars

Cross C.S. Lewis’s Screwtape Letters with a modern-day, very American, Christian high-school romantic read and you’ll have the flavor of the Ishbane Conspiracy. Ishbane, or Prince Ishbane, is a demon, corresponding…

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Rise of the Fallen

Kaitlyn Johnson

3.5 Stars

'Rise of the Fallen' is the second book in Chuck Black's latest series, following 'Cloak of Light'. As a quick recap, Cloak of Light tells the story of a young man, Drew Carter, who goes blind, and then is…

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