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Value even in contrasting beliefs

Kaitlin Alfaro

4 Stars

Although I am not of like faith as the author, The Lost Art of Good Conversation reveals important social truths on the topic of communication. He reveals the human potential to be a better communicator than society encourages…

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Surrender Everything

Jean Wild

3 Stars

The Surrender Experiment seems to me to be more of a novel than a guide, which I was expecting.  I really had a…

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The Surrender Experiment by Michael SInger

Rose Pettit

4.5 Stars

The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer is a wonderful book on surrendering to the…

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Just okay, nothing amazing

Katrina Weidknecht

3 Stars

The book is divided into four parts, which are: Seeds, Roots, Starts, Fruit.  The prologue was an interesting glimpse into a moment of her time in Guatemala. Part One…

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what happens when you hit a wall?

Charles Mitelhaus

5 Stars

what happens when you hit a wall?  This book was a complete surprise, albeit, a very pleasant one.  I thought it would be about Tims life.  It is much broader than that.  It is about how to handle whatever life throws at…

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