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Zen Camera: Book Review

Lady Lilith

5 Stars

Zen Camera is a book written for everyone. With access to photography like never seen before, this book will really help out the hobbyist.

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A Cautionary Tale of Historical Proportion

Danielle Loring

4 Stars

Timothy Snyder's "Black Earth" is a haunting reminder of how fragile the balance of our society and how important it is that we remember these historical events. In a time when our country seems more divide than ever and the echo of…

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Freedom From The Fear That We Are Not Enough

Jane Ahrens

5 Stars

Written by Jennie Allen, the founder of IF:Gathering, this book is helpful for all of us who have felt that we were not enough.  As she points out in the book, God knew…

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The Surrender Experiment

Melanie Zitzman

2 Stars

I received this book almost two years ago. I had just separated from my (now ex) husband, started a intensive school program, and had…

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The Surrender Experiment by Michael SInger

Rose Pettit

4.5 Stars

The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer is a wonderful book on surrendering to the…

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