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Value even in contrasting beliefs

Kaitlin Alfaro

4 Stars

Although I am not of like faith as the author, The Lost Art of Good Conversation reveals important social truths on the topic of communication. He reveals the human potential to be a better communicator than society encourages…

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A Cautionary Tale of Historical Proportion

Danielle Loring

4 Stars

Timothy Snyder's "Black Earth" is a haunting reminder of how fragile the balance of our society and how important it is that we remember these historical events. In a time when our country seems more divide than ever and the echo of…

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Good Read

Mary Antzak

3 Stars

Author's protagonist is determined in what she believes are the correct choices only to learn, like many of us in real life, that they are not usually the best choices. Trying to run away from life's problems at any cost can lead to more…

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Lessons Learned

Alyssa Young

5 Stars

I found this book to be astoundingly helpful. I have now read this book 4 times through... I would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for more knowledge on the subject. It was an extremely easy read, I couldn't put it down!!…

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