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The Moth

Cynthia Yohe

2.5 Stars

Amazing stories - sad, inspiring, captivating - if you love listening to the podcast, you…

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Tessa Chapman

5 Stars

This book is pure magic. I love all the stories. The concept of Moth captivated me, a secret meeting where people stand up and tell stories that have shaped them, how could you not love that? . And I love the narratives. You can divide…

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A great gift!

Jackie Correa

4.5 Stars

This book is gorgeous! The cover design draws you in and you know that you’ll feel so good being seen…

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Recommended Reading

Blaise Doubman

5 Stars

Every once in awhile I will post about a book that I love and my current…

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wonderful and inspiring

Elisabeth Breeze

5 Stars

This book has a collection of stories about overcoming one issue or the other in life, they are taken from a radio show called The Moth. Although I never listened to this show before, I am interested now. I really enjoyed reading through…

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