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Look Into the Past

Kyla Thomas

4 Stars

The graphic novel Video Games bring you back in time of how games were in the past from arcades in malls, beaches, and in neighborhoods. It shows how we and technology has evolved. 

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Great Comic

Mark Juffey

5 Stars

This book is absolutely amazing. The book is fantastic with amazing graphic designs and made learning about video games fun and educational. This book would be great to use for middle school or high school students about video game history.…

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The Build

Sefina Hawke

4.5 Stars

I liked how this book to me behind the scenes of the TV show American Chopper even though I have only watched a couple episodes of the TV series I still found the book to be an interesting read. I fanything It has made me more…

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Book Review: The Comic Book Story of Video Games

Jonathan Anderson

4 Stars

The Comic Book Story of Video Games is an…

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