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The secret is out

David Wineberg

4.5 Stars

According to The Babylon Bee, the secret to being a perfect Christian is to conform utterly and totally to the church's current ways.The book about those ways, from the coffee shop to the Christian band, to the pastor's book you must read…

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How to Be a Perfect Christian Review

zachary bashore

5 Stars

How to Be a Perfect Christian b the Babylon Bee is a great and light read! This book does a wonderful job at poking fun of the Christian subculture and making light of our quirks.  There is value in being able to laugh at ourselves and…

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How To Be a Perfect Christian - a guide from The Babylon Bee

Suzanne Terry

3.5 Stars

I expected to either love or hate this book. I like good satire, but it is an…

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How to be a Perfect Christian: a Book Review

Michelle Morgan

4 Stars

My husband and I enjoyed it. We ran into a few different topics that sent us researching our Bibles. I wish there were at least some notes or an epilogue…

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