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Unique Guide to Photography Practice

Linda Crumbaugh

4.5 Stars

I found Zen Camera to be a unique guide to improving one's photography practice.  The author encourages the reader to break out of a traditional mind-set toward photography, and offers many tools and exercises to practice what he…

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A Perfect Book for Professionals & Amateurs Alike

Jeff Galipeaux

5 Stars

_Zen Camera_ is the ideal book to deepen a photography practice or rekindle inspiration. The introductory practices and 6 subsequent visual lessons in the book draw inspiration from Ulrich's years of experience with the medium and from his…

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Zen Camera: Book Review

Lady Lilith

5 Stars

Zen Camera is a book written for everyone. With access to photography like never seen before, this book will really help out the hobbyist.

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Book Review: Zen Camera

Elisha Dorfsmith

4 Stars

There is a zen book for literally almost everything and it turns out photography is no exception. Zen Camera: Creative Awakening With A Daily Practice In Photography by David Ulrich is actually a pretty cool book with excellent…

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