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Infused In Love

asha Pena

5 Stars

I love having a book that can tell me how to infuse a different kind of cooking items like spirits, oils, and waters. I have never been one that likes drinking plain water and is always buying flavored water when I am out. So to think that I…

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What does Alice Waters have in her pantry...?

Jacquelyn Byers

4 Stars

Hello friends. Two weeks in a row. I'm on a roll after almost a year off from blogging. Today I wanted…

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Short and Sweet

Megan Wenger

3.5 Stars

This book is filled with practical advice... now I just need to find the time to follow through on some of it's suggestions and…

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My Pantry

cedar taylor

4 Stars

I recently got my hands on Alice Water’s latest book, My Pantry. It is a short, but very sweet little book, with great ideas and inspiration. Within its pages are recipes for making more of our usually store bought items from…

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A Cooking Resorce for Very Serious Cooks

Carolyn Hill

3 Stars

 I love cookbooks. I read…

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