Peppers of the Americas

The Remarkable Capsicums That Forever Changed Flavor

by Maricel E. Presilla

A beautiful culinary and ethnobotanical survey of the punch-packing ingredient central to today's multi-cultural palate, with more than 40 pan-Latin recipes from a three-time James Beard Award-winning author and chef-restaurateur.

From piquillos and shishitos to padrons and poblanos, the popularity of culinary peppers (and pepper-based condiments, such as Sriracha and the Korean condiment gochujang) continue to grow as more consumers try new varieties and discover the known health benefits of Capsicum, the genus to which all peppers belong. This stunning visual reference to peppers now seen on menus, in markets, and beyond, showcases nearly 200 varieties (with physical description, tasting notes, uses for cooks, and beautiful botanical portraits for each). Following the cook's gallery of varieties, more than 40 on-trend Latin recipes for spice blends, salsas, sauces, salads, vegetables, soups, and main dishes highlight the big flavors and taste-enhancing capabilities of peppers.

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Misch Brannock

4.5 Stars

Peppers of the Americas is a beautiful book, both the photography and artwork are excellent and make the book easy tofollow and the peppers easier to recognize. I'm a pepper novice so getting this book is both a luxury and a…

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Gallery of Fresh And Dried Peppers

Mary Jones

4 Stars

This book has ten interesting chapters about peppers;A pepper epiphany, the silent gardeners, Pepper anatomy and heat, The capiscum clan, Peppers into words, The World travels of peppers, Gallery of fresh peppers, Gallery of dried…

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Book Review | Peppers of the Americas by Maricel E. Presilla

Ana Comunale

4 Stars

Anyone else feeling "hot hot hot"? It's the end of the summer and in-season fruits and vegetables are about to change, but before we bit adieu to all that good produce, I'd like to introduce this next title, Peppers of the Americas by…

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All About Peppers!!!


5 Stars

This is a book I have been waiting for!  I am so sure I am not alone in this wait!!!  A comprehensive book all about PEPPERS!!!!!!  From the ground up, this book covers how to grow, cultivate, identify and cook with the humble…

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