Basis of the book is solid, but falls short

Kara Bussabarger

2 Stars

January 3, 2018

As a new soon-to-be mama, I was excited to read this new book. And the premise is good: Let go of the craving to be a stellar parent by your own efforts and rely on Jesus. Yes! I agree! And I want that! Unfortunately, while the basis of the book is solid, the book just seemed to fall short for me.

One reason may be that the author seems to only focus on having sons as children. Now I understand that is her context, and that she only has sons, and she writes from what she knows, but I felt a little left out and disconnected to many of her references since I am getting ready to have a little girl.

And maybe it was also my expectations that made the book fall flat. Because in reading the title, I thought there might be more practical things to take away from the book—like prayers to pray over them, parenting tips, and the like. But it seemed to lack those things, at least from my perspective.

What I did appreciate was the author’s use of Scripture and emphasis about mom’s relying on Jesus, not on themselves. The book also contains discussion questions at the end if one would like to use in a mom’s group. But in the end, I wasn’t overwhelmed at the book and a bit disappointed.