Living Lagom and Loving It!

Amy Bizzarri

4.5 Stars

December 27, 2017

At first I was obsessed with it's Lagom!
Lagom is the latest in trends out of Scandanavia, with many calling it "the new hygge".

Lagom is all about finding balance in moderation. How to we obtain that "happy medium" in life, home, work, and health? This book explains how the Swedes master the medium. A good thing to know and learn in this age of over-the-top everything.

This book gives valuable hints on how to achieve that elusive work-life balance and how to create a more intentional, healthier lifestyle. I found this to be vital as I head into a new year. It also provides suggestions for bringing simplicity, light, and open spaces into the home, which in turn creates a more stress-free, welcoming atmosphere, which in turn leads and wellness. Live Lagom pulls everything together in a holistic manual on how to find happiness in everyday balance.

I highly recommend this book for anyone hoping to turn over a new leaf this new year. Practical and achievable, this a guide everyone can benefit from!

***I received a review copy of this book