Super Awesome. Video Games in a Comic Book. Score!

Rocky Roggow

5 Stars

December 21, 2017

Ok so obviously I am a dude. There are 2 things I love, that brings out the kid in me. Comic Books and Video Games. Well now I found something that combines the too in a super awesome way.  The Comic Book Story of Video Games: The Incredible History of The Electronic Gaming Revolution by Johnathon Hennessey and Illustrator Jack McGowan is a very fun and artistic collection of comic book style articles on numerous video games. It has information on characters, the game, the storylines, and more.  It's displayed like a comic book with bright colored animation and very well drawn and detailed images. Illustrator Jack McGowan is majority talented. And no 2 pages are the same. By that I mean, though it is a comic book about video games, some comic histories are more vividly pictured and arranged differently. You'll have to read it to see what I mean.  Inside this book, there is information on games from post WWII to today's games and apps. It's more of a historic telling of the games, not necessarily a geek's guide. The look of this book has a really nostalgic, retro comic book feel to it. And it is definitely a work of art.  This book can be seen as educational and entertaining and is not only perfect for your average video game loving child but also your handsome video game enthusiast man-child or gal. It would even be great for people who maybe are not the pro gamers in training. Every page is easy to follow and understand. It would make a great gift for christmas, birthdays, graduations, or even as a reward to entice them to read more. Especially with today's modernized society, its hard to get them off of technology and back into a book. With this, you can combine the two interests in one.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and am giving it to my son for Christmas. He is a huge gamer and enthusiast. He has so many games, systems and even does his own reviews on his YouTube channel. He is going to love this comical history comic book and so will you!