The Burden Is Light

Michael Taylor

4 Stars

December 20, 2017

"The Burden Is Light" is a good read for anyone tired of being evaluated only on performance and success for self-worth.  The author writes from a Christian perspective and covers many topics, such as:

1. Problem with comparison.
2.  Finding your true identity in Jesus Christ.
3.  Just as Jesus had security in the Father, we can too.
4.  Seeing people as blessings instead of threats relieves us of the need of trying to control them.
5.  Surrender vs. obedience.
6.  Ways to be a blessing to others.
7.  Problems associated with pride.
8.  Benefits of humility.
9.  Being fully engaged where you are now.

Very readable and a good encouragement for readers to be who they are in Jesus Christ instead of allowing themselves to be fitted into the world's mold.  I was given a review copy by Blogging For Books in exchange for a fair review.