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Tim Tebow is a two time national champion, first-round NFL draft pick, and Heisman Trophy winner. After playing in the NFL for the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets, Tebow joined the SEC Network as a football analyst. In addition to his role on SEC Nation, the network’s traveling road show, Tebow also contributes to a variety of other ESPN platforms. In 2016 he signed a professional baseball contract with the New York Mets. Tim’s true passion remains the work of the Tim Tebow Foundation, which he created in 2010, with the mission of bringing Faith, Hope and Love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need.

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“Use what He has given you. Practice your skills. Work on them. Don’t let them waste away. Whether its singing, speaking, serving, or working with numbers, use your gifts to make a positive impact on this world” p126


God has given each of us a unique set of talents and experiences in order to fulfill our divine purpose. Whether He intends for us to influence those close to us, like our friends and our family, or even the entire world, there are no limits to the great things God can accomplish through us…when we let Him shape who we are. But we may miss God’s incredible plan for our lives if we’re so busy trying to be just like everyone else- by blending in wit the crowd or refusing to stand up for what is right.

Jesus was anything but normal!

There is nothing more empowering, more life-giving, and more exciting than having a strong identity. Jesus knows this, and He wants you to know it as well. When we are willing to let God define who we are, He will take what we have to offer and multiply it in ways and for purposes that we cannot imagine!

My Thoughts:

I originally wanted to read this book because my nine year old daughter was reading it in a church group and was loving it. She talked about it constantly, which surprised me because she is definitely a “girly-girl” and I just assumed this book was mostly about football, therefore wouldn’t really interest her that much. But what I found out is that Tebow shows kids how God orchestrated his life through many different ways and platforms (sports being one of them). He encourages kids to be open and willing to what God wants to do in their life.

“Sometimes it takes a challenging time to really find out who you are” p 4

Tebow uses “ups” in his life, as well as “downs” and shows that even through the discouraging times, God was present and working. I highly recommend this book!

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Shaken: Young Reader's Edition: Fighting to Stand Strong No Matter What Comes Your Way by [Tebow, Tim]

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