Everyday Watercolor

Grace Bowling

5 Stars

December 5, 2017

I started panting with watercolor almost 2 years ago and it’s a hobby I really enjoy. I love watching tutorials on Youtube. That’s actually how I taught myself. But when Blogging for Books was offering Everyday Watercolor by Jenna Rainey in exchange for a review, I knew I couldn’t pass it up. That was back in October and I’m just now on day…21? ish. So far it’s great. It starts you off slow and teaches you step by step, each day getting a little harder. Obviously I haven’t been working on it everyday, since I’m not finished yet, but I do it when I find time and it’s been super helpful. There are easy to follow along with directions and pictures to guide you. And there is a photo of a finished piece.

This book is fantastic for anyone interested in learning watercolor, or just brushing up on their skills, plus, the art inside is so pretty, it would make a great coffee table book as well!