Scripturally grounded look at a challenging topic

Yvetta Varatharaj

5 Stars

December 5, 2017

This is my first Mark Batterson book, and I am so glad I picked it up. As a bestselling Christian author, I figured he would have something worthwhile to say on the topic of hearing from God, and my expectations were not disappointed. Ever since I was a new Christian I have been interested in this topic. I have listened to sermons, read books, and attended conferences on the subject. All of those have been helpful in learning to recognize God’s voice. However, none have presented such a well-researched, thorough, and scripturally grounded look at a subject many Christians find to be a bit “out there”. It is not a book written specifically for Charismatic Christians, but for believers from any denomination. If you have a desire to hear from God but have shied away from learning about this topic because you are afraid it might get weird, look no further. Batterson tackles it in a practical, biblical way.

Reading Whisper put words and definition to the unctions I already recognized as being from the Holy Spirit, but didn’t know how to describe. Batterson as a pastor is extremely well-read, and his examples and anecdotes are spot on in helping the reader remember the principles he covers. His writing style is captivating enough to make this a quick read, despite its being 189 pages long. It is worth the investment of your time. Hearing about how Batterson has followed God’s leading in his own life as a result of hearing from the Lord in so many different ways makes me want that for myself. And this book shows me that that kind of intimacy with the Lord is for everyone. I want that.