The Comic Book Story of Video Games 3/5

Kelsey Dreyer

3 Stars

December 4, 2017

The Comic Book Story of Video Games by Jonathan Hennessey and Jack McGowan 3/5

When I saw this book, I got really excited because I wanted to learn more about video games for multiple reasons, but I’ve never been super interested in playing them. So when I saw that there was a graphic novel detailing the history of video games... it sounded perfect for a book nerd like myself.

I think the medium in which these authors decided to relate video game history is perfect because it’s visual and intriguing much like video games themselves. The cover itself is exciting in that it reminds you of playing your favorite games (for me it’s Frogger on a PS2 lol), but it’s also nostalgic, hence the historical aspect. It’s a rare and creative way to impart video game knowledge to a general audience.

However, I felt like the first half of the novel was almost entirely unnecessary. I understand the value in knowing the history behind something, but it felt more like a history lesson with some video game knowledge, rather then video game history with some cultural overlap (what I was hoping for). I also thought that it ended too abruptly, with Minecraft (2011) being the last game it touches on. I know nearly nothing about video games, and even I felt like there was so much more content that should’ve been included. Also, I thought the font was too small. I read a lot of graphic novels, and this was hard to read, and there was a lot of dead space for them to make the font bigger. It’s petty complaint, but for someone with 20/20 vision, I shouldn’t be holding a book two inches in front of my face.

So while it was mildly entertaining and the middle portion was educational, I feel that an extensive edit and a consultation with someone who plays video games often would’ve allowed this book to reach it’s full potential. And an increase in font size.

5/5 for those who love history, even more than video games, who know literally nothing about video games and will therefore learn something new, who want to experience some nostalgia, and for those with eagle-like vision.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.