A way to look at today...

Holly Johnson

4 Stars

December 3, 2017

God of Tomorrow (Caleb Kaltenbach) With a voice of reason and grace, pastor Caleb Kaltenbach challenges the church to choose the path of hope in response to polarizing cultural issues that are straight from the front pages of today’s newspapers. Divergent politics, immigration issues, bullying, re-defining family, racism, terrorism, new ways of categorizing people, and multiple other issues are negatively impacting our communities today. Some feel the country we live in now isn't the same one they lived in twenty years ago. Culture is consistently changing, and many Christians are nervous about what tomorrow will bring. However, we don't need to worry, because we serve the God of tomorrow. Culture will always change, but God never changes. God owns tomorrow. He has been in tomorrow, prepared tomorrow, and will walk with us into tomorrow. He will help us handle our ever-shifting culture as we journey forward. Every cultural issue we deal with today is something that Jesus dealt with in his day. The issues are the same, they just look different. Yet Jesus trusted the God of Tomorrow and knew that he was in complete control. Because of his trust in God, Jesus engaged culture in a very intentional way, and we can do likewise. God of Tomorrow includes discussion questions at the end of each chapter, providing a great platform for small groups to dialogue about these culturally-relevant topics. Society today has gone nutso. It seems that no one is immune to, or able to overcome, issues of politics, bullying, terrorism, racism, and general negative malaise that is permeating every aspect…including the church. Our country isn’t the same one that I graduated from high school in…and that was less than two decades ago. I struggle to parent in a world I don’t always understand, but one thing that doesn’t change is faith. I sometimes waver in that faith, in the face of the world today, but circling back around to the old stories (which cover so many of the same topics we are currently facing) brings about a renewed strength. This book pulls out those old stories and relates them to modern society, in a way that will help tame the chaos…at least within your soul.