American Wolf Review

alexandra cordero

5 Stars

November 30, 2017

  • I choose to read this book because I LOVE wolves. 
    • In this book you learn a lot about wolves, how long they live, what the eat, their life, and more. 
    • So if you love wolves or even just want to know more about them then this book would be the book for you.
  • In this book we follow the lives and deaths of 0-SIX.  
    • This wolf is a female that is very important to the book who is the Alpha of a pack in Yellowstone National Park, in case if you have or haven't heard. 
  • The writing and the description that the author went into was Tremendously perfect as it made me feel as if I were there with the wolves, living life with them. 
    • This book does get emotional to some at moments as YOU WILL grow attached to theses wolves and just like any other living thing they will die at one point. 
    • The author was wonderful in the way the book was written but I did wish that if it was possible that Nate would've put in more pictures besides a map and the lineage family tree so I would have gotten a better visual stimulation. 
  • This book really brings into view how terrible humans are as people hunt wolves yet humans don't eat wolves so it is mostly for sport yet they like to say it is helping the cattle population yet more cattle are killed by natural disasters and us compared to wolves. 
    • It also brings into view how just like wolves humans NEED to be in a pack of sorts otherwise we may go crazy, no matter how much we say we don't need others we always do. 
      • We also have a hierarchy as they do were we have a Top Dog (Alpha), Second in command (Beta), Third in command (Delta), the regular people (Wolves or Pack Mates), the weak links (Omegas) and the weird loners who are the people who are completely and truly alone which may cause them to go crazy (Rouges). 
      • I was surprised to find out that how the way the Washington politics went it was impacting the Yellowstone wolves. Congress overruled the court regarding the hunting of wolves. It had cost $117 million to restore wolves to the ecosystem, which was a huge shock to me. 
        • Wolves were also being spread in some states surrounding the area which did make me happy but as long as no-one was hurting the animals. 

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this book yet I wished there was more pictures.