"Med School Uncensored" Book Review

Tia Schmidt

4.5 Stars

November 28, 2017

"Med School Uncensored" is a detailed survivors guide for anyone attempting or wishing to get into med school. Since my sweet beau's biggest goal right now is getting into med school I thought I would pick this up for him to read when I saw it on Blogging for Books.  I read parts of the book that sounded interesting and I was impressed with how thorough and helpful the book was while also being extremely humorous. There was even an entire part about having a relationship with someone in med school that was super interesting. All the information was super recent and relevant as well considering the author, Richard Beddingfield, M.D., just graduated himself. Although each medical school, and each individual's experience is different, I'd recommend this book as a light and informational read for anyone interested in med school or even just the medical field in general since there is a lot of information and tips regarding working in a hospital setting.