Sunlight Pilgrims - Chilly & Bleak

Cat Jones

4 Stars

November 28, 2017

The near-future bleakness of the world in Sunlight Pilgrims is a little too familiar for comfort. The world is sliding into the next ice age, which doesn’t bode well for the band of characters living in caravans on the Scottish Islands, where this book is set. I loved the characters in Sunlight Pilgrims, they were so thoughtfully rendered and perfectly human. I loved the concept. The pacing, however, made it hard for me to really get into it. It dragged a bit and started losing my interest near 2/3 of the way through. I actually loved the ending, I’m a fan of authors who have the courage to not wrap things up neatly or end on a cheery note. It feels very right for the moment we’re in now. I wasn’t super wild about this read over all but my interest is definitely piqued enough to pick up her other work.